Pacific Coast 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 7: Hot Hot Hot

So its been a while...I guess I made it through death was hella was 122 degrees when I finally made it through the park...but that was just the begining...I can't describe how 180 miles through 100+ weather is like... well, to start, imagine you are in a enjoy it, its fun, hot, nice...but then you want to leave and you have to solve the P vs. NP problem (classic mathmatical problem) before you can will never get to leave...well, I finally got out, and when I got out, I found a place to get ice tea and drank more than my fair share :-)

Ok, so I made it to LA...I hung out with a good friend of mine and got to see quite a bit of how So Cal gets to, they have a lot of, amazing...I now know why they are a bit stuck up! (well, just stuck up)...if you ever get to see it, you'll understand! Its so sunny there and as of now, I never need to see a ferrari ever again! (seen too many for one life time...its lost its mystique) My friend took me down to Pacific Beach and that was awesome! I got to sit on a beach and chill (finally) was amazing...after that, I went back up to the land of money, gathered my stuff and took off towards the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway...aka, hwy 1)

So that brings me to to todays's, thats all I have to was the most amazing thing I've ever done...and I mean that...I can't describe how amazing the curves, scenery, air, speed, heights, weather and colors where...hopefully my pictures will help describe how amazing it was! Most of the trip was pretty basic and just going in and out of the coast (in the heartland of California)...I now know where the "happy cows" come from and it wasn't like the ads was hot and very dry...but, as dumb as cows are, they seemed all happy :-)

I'm now in Monterey, California...I had a good night and about time to hit the sack...I'll write next time I have internet connectivity! (after San Francisco!)


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