Pacific Coast 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Initial Thoughts

Belive it or not, I'm taking a vacation! I origionally planned on riding down I-5 to Los Angeles, but thought about it and decided to take an extra two days off which also gives me the whole weekend too. So, my plan is to go from Seattle to Big Sky and see a good friend. After a few days, I'm then going to ride south thru Yellowstone. I plan on taking a loop thru the park and then heading south again. Next, I'll head thru Salt Lake City and stay somewhere in Nevada (I've already been to SLC, not too much else to see). My theory is that Nevada wants all the conservative Utahains to have a place to relax and have fun, so there'll be a cheap hotel to stay in! (so far, most of this time I'm going to be camping) Next (one of my favorite parts) I'm going to ride through Death Valley (ooohhh )...if I make it out of Death Valley, I'll then head on to Newport Beach (to visit another good friend)...I'm pretty excited to see the Hollywood sign (if the brown cloud isn't too thick)...maybe I'll get to see a star (if you know me, that was synical)...After a few days there, I'm then going to go up the Pacific Coast Highway!!! That will take me all the way back up to Seattle!

Take a look at the PDF files I've posted for my trip! (under "Media" on the right column)


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