Pacific Coast 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 3: Rain, Hail and more

I didn't get a chance to write anything yesterday or take any pics...I put in 401 miles in one day from Idaho to Bozeman...Most of the day was great, but right about Butte, it started to rain, and not just a little, it was really coming down! Then, to top it off, it started to that point, I slowed down to about 50mph...I don't know how to describe how it feels, but imagine you're at a golf range picking up golf balls while Tiger Woods and Greg Norman are hitting balls at you with their largest driver...thats about how it feels! I could even feel the stones through my leathers!

Once I got to bozeman, I meet some friends from Germany and went to the Cannery (won't go into detail there)...all and all, had a great night, though I ended up canceling my credit card...somehow I lost it, or thought I had...well, I found it this morning...oh well, now I'll have to use a different card until I get home! I'm planning on leaving pretty early in the morning and will have quite a few pics from stay tuned!


UPDATED: On day three, I made it up to Big Sky and took a tour around Moonlight Basin...It's very beautiful and remote, yet has some ammenities...its absolutely crazy how much houses and condos are going for up here...there are basic condLone Peakos (they look very plain and something you'd see in a normal town...I would feel comfortable wearing a wifebeater around outside because its so "normal")...well, they are going for $1million!!! Some of the other properties around are going for much more than that...its insane! I honestly wonder where people get their money...looks like I need to start playing the lottery (the poor mathmatician's game, no pun intended)Rocking Chair


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